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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What sanctioned sports are offered through THE sports?
    THE offers school-age sports in the following areas: baseball, basketball, softball, and volleyball. Golf and tennis are offered as non-sanctioned THE sports.
  • Will more sports be added in the future?
    The THE sports program is always open to offering new opportunities in sports for home-educated youth in the Tuscaloosa-area. Some sports are easier to form than others. Please contact the athletic director if you would be interested in helping to start a program in a sport not currently offered by THE. Sports in the following areas have not been formed for those who may be interested: archery, bowling, fencing, soccer, swimming, track & field, and water polo.
  • How do I register for a sport?
    Each individual sport offers its own registration process at different times during the year based on that sport's season. Check the newsletter and the sport's page on this website for information about registration.
  • Are THE athletes being recruited to participate in college sports?
    Yes, THE athletes are eligible for college sports. Several have played at both junior and 4 year college level. A 2019 graduate from University Church Christian Academy was recruited to play softball by a Division II school.
  • What are THE’s colors?
    The official colors of THE sports are royal blue, white, and black.
  • Does THE have a mascot?
    Yes! THE teams are known by both their fans and athletes as the Warriors.
  • Who do I contact for more information regarding a specific team?
    Please feel free to contact the Athletic Director or anyone listed on the sport's website page for more information.
  • What are the qualifications of coaches?
    All THE coaches are men and women whose love for a specific sport make them uniquely qualified to lead the youth of THE in each respective sport. Many of our coaches either have had, or currently have, home educated children of their own. Additionally, most of our coaches have had experience in their respective sport either in high school or college. Each THE coach is required to read and sign a Coaching Agreement Form. More information can be found within the Policies and Procedures section.
  • Are coaches paid?
    All THE coaches serve their respective sport as volunteers. They are not compensated by THE for either their time or commitment.
  • Who oversees THE sports?
    THE sports is overseen by an Athletic Director and Athletics Committee who are accountable to the THE Advisory Board.
  • What are the age ranges for participation in THE sports?
    Age participation varies somewhat from sport to sport. Sanctioned sports are typically for 7th-12th graders. Non-sanctioned sports or teams have more flexibility in the age range.
  • Why do we need to be a member of THE?
    All THE organized events come under the supervision and direction of THE’s Advisory Board and are subject to their guidance. THE offers many benefits to its members, one of which includes liability insurance coverage for current athlete members of THE. To become a THE member, go here.
  • What are the eligibility requirements to participate in homeschool sports?
    THE upholds state guidelines related to what constitutes a home educated child in Alabama. There are additional eligibility requirements for sanctioned sports because of THE's membership in the Alabama Christian Sports Conference.
  • Where do the various sports practice?
    Practice times, as well as locations, are specific to each sport and are announced at the beginning of the season.
  • Are teams competitive or recreational?
    Each sport organized through THE is made available to home school athletes as an avenue for them to compete with other athletes in their respective sport. As such, THE sports are considered competitive.
  • Where are games or competitive events held?
    Competitive events and/or games are sport specific. Please see the respective page of each sport for times and locations of competitive events or contact a program director for further information.
  • How often do teams practice?
    THE teams practice in varying amounts depending on the sport, with most teams practicing weekly. Some teams, however, practice multiple times per week depending upon the particular time frame of each sports regular competitive season.
  • Who does THE compete against?
    Our teams compete against other member schools within the Alabama Christian Sports Conference. Please visit the following address for more information: In addition to the ACSC, we compete with AISA (Alabama Independent Schools Association) schools and private schools or homeschool groups in Mississippi.
  • How long is the season for each sport?
    THE sports use a calendar similar to public and private schools in Alabama. Typical season lengths for practice and games are as follows: Volleyball-July to October; Basketball-October to February; Baseball-January to May; Softball-January to May. Tennis and golf seasons vary but are usually in the spring.
  • Are there tryouts for teams?
    Most teams begin their season with some form of tryouts which will be announced in newsletters and on the sport's website page.
  • Are there fees for my child to participate?
    Yes. All THE sport teams are open to any homeschooled student member but are financed solely through the support and participation of the families involved. No financial assistance is available through THE. Fees vary. However, many teams make available various fundraising events to help offset the cost of participation in the sport.
  • Do teams travel and are travel expenses funded by the organization?
    Yes. The Alabama Christian Sports Conference has member schools in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Dothan. Teams sometimes travel to nearby Mississippi schools. Sometimes a few teams travel to regional and national events. All travel is funded individually and not by THE.
  • What if I cannot afford to play?
    Please contact the Athletic Director, a member of the Athletic Committee, or a coach of a respective sport regarding participation fees. No financial assistance is available through THE. However, most sports offer opportunities for families to supplement required fees through various fundraising activities.
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