Curriculum Resources

The curriculum sources listed below are commonly used. This is by no means a complete list; however, if you are new to homeschooling, it is a list that should be helpful. Before buying anything, talk with other homeschooling parents to get their recommendations as children have different learning styles. Ask your church school administrator for recommendations. You may also want to consider going to the Alabama homeschool convention in the summer. You can attend the meetings for information and encouragement or simply go to the curriculum hall. Vendors from all major publishers are there and you can look at the books before making decisions. Convention information will be on the Christian Home Educators of Alabama website All prices listed are approximate.

Complete Grade Curriculum Packages


Often used in Christian schools. Can purchase complete grade package for parent and student or individual subject and teacher’s guide. Textbook/workbook/tests available.

Complete grade $250 + Parent Guides $100-350


Alpha Omega


Publishes several types of curriculum as well as an online academy:

  • Alpha Omega Academy-online academy, K-12, tuition varies by grade, number of courses

  • Monarch-online curriculum 3-12, $450 for 5 subjects, individual subjects $100

  • Switched on Schoolhouse-computer based curriculum, 3-12, $450 for 5 subjects, individual $100

  • Lifepac-worktexts, K-12, $90-300 depending on grade level

  • Horizons-worktexts, Preschool-12, doesn’t have all subjects in upper grades, varied pricing

  • The Weaver Curriculum-PreK-12, unit based on biblical theme, varied pricing


Bob Jones University Press


Often used in Christian schools. Can purchase complete grade package for parent and student or individual subject and teacher’s guide. Textbook/workbook/tests available.

  • Complete grade $140-500 + Parent Guides $250-540 

  • Distance Learning Online with books  $600-999

  • Homeschool DVDs or Hard Drive with books  $800-1000

BJU Press is largest provider of SAT and Iowa Achievement Tests for homeschooled students (parents may purchase tests but students must be tested by BJU approved local tester).


Sonlight Curriculum


Literature based curriculum. Designed so that students close in age could study same history and/or science while studying other subjects on individual grade level. Can purchase whole grade with teacher’s guides or individual subjects. Uses literature that can often be found in public library (great reading lists even if the whole curriculum isn’t used). Designed specifically for homeschooled students. Full grade packages $285-800

Single Subject Curriculum
Single Subject Curriculum


Apologia Educational Ministries


Primarily science curriculum but also offer or recommend a few other subjects. Has K-6 and Middle to High School science courses. High School courses are well suited for college prep. Written for homeschool classroom. Can purchase lab materials from other source or many labs use commonly found items. Textbook/tests. Varied pricing on individual books, tests, and lab materials.


Saxon Math


Math program for K-12. Often used in public and Christian schools. Homeschool packet contains test materials. Placement test available. Varied pricing on individual books, homeschool packets.


Teaching Textbooks


Math program for 3rd grade through high school. Textbook/tests with CD’s. Placement tests. Designed specifically for independent learners.

Curriculum for Classical Method


Parents and students meet once a week for programs facilitated by a trained parent-director. Classes are led by trained parent-tutors who model the classical tools of learning. The three programs are grade divided into Foundations (K4-6), Essentials (7-8), and Challenge (9-12). Fee for enrolling and books are various prices.


Veritas Press


Curriculum by grade following the classical education model. Books are various prices.  

Veritas Press Scholars Academy-online accredited academy. Tuition up to $3,400 per year.

Online Single Courses


Pennsylvania Homeschool Association

AP Classes-various subjects for high school coursework to prepare for AP exams. $600 up per course plus required books for course.


The Potter’s School

Online interactive live classes. Family registration fee $60. 5th-12th 

$200-600 per course.

New Curriculum Resources


Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.

Online and print catalog give review of each item listed. Can search by subject or book title.


Christian Book Distributors


Used Curriculum Resources
Resources for Special Needs Students