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Seller Information

This sale is simple! You do not have to pay to sell. You keep all of the money you make! But we DO need a few things:

  • Sellers must be current THE members.

  • Sellers must volunteer for at least 1 hour on drop-off or sale day! 

  • Volunteers may organize on drop off day (6/1 from 2-4pm) or help oversee and clean-up  (6/2 from 9am-2pm).

  • Sellers may shop from 4-6pm on Thursday. 

  • Sellers must pick up money and unsold items on Friday, June 2nd from 1:00-2:00pm. (If you can't make it, send a friend!)

  • If you have any questions, email Caroline Crownover. 


Shoppers do not need to sign up to shop.

  • You must bring cash in small bills to pay for each item individually in the envelopes provided by each seller.

  • Change will be unavailable.

  • Sellers MAY put their Venmo/Paypal info on their envelope if they choose to accept digital payment. You will need to show one of our volunteers that you have paid digitally for each item.

  • Due to the nature of a book sale, shopping without children is encouraged. 

Selling Instructions: 

All items need to be labeled in the following way:

  • Use a small envelope gently TAPED (no packing tape) to the front of each item.

  • On the back of the envelope, write the following information (please write legibly)

    • Item Name (with description, if needed)​

    • Price of Item (Please write in lower left hand corner of the envelope)

    • Seller Number (You will receive this via email 24-48 hours after you sign up to sell) *Please write in upper right hand corner*

    • Place a red dot on your envelope if you do NOT want your item to be sold for half price.

    • If you would like to accept digital payments via Venmo, PayPal, etc., please also add this info as well as your last 4 digits of your phone number to your envelopes. Our volunteers will verify digital payments at checkout. ​

    • At the end of the sale, our volunteers will organize these envelopes for you to pick up along with your remaining items. 

  • Please be sure all envelopes look like this example:

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